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Does your company need professional translation, localisation, interpreting or training for better communication across borders?

Avison Communication AB is a Stockholm-based translation, interpreting & language agency that helps its international clients communicate on a global marketplace. We are a full-service agency, offering everything from regular translations to tailored communication solutions for an international presence.

SKL International; setting an international example

SKL International; setting an international example

Experts in an international environment need expert translations. 

SKL International is one of Sweden’s leading organisations in local governance, decentralisation and local democracy. The company is owned by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR) and uses knowledge and experience from Swedish local government to improve democratic planning and administration in other countries. To date, SKL International has delivered projects in more than 30 countries around the world and has a local presence in Jordan, Tunisia and Albania.

SKL International came to Avison with an acute need for help with a translation from English into French. The document was a set of project references for the EU that described SKL International’s projects in Turkey, Serbia, Tunisia and Sub-Saharan Africa. The translation work was such that it required a good dialogue with the client in order to correctly localise the industry-specific terminology, or jargon, used in the project. This was no problem, and we were able to start a translation glossary uniquely for SKL International. The project went smoothly, and we have since worked together on further translations for EU projects from English into French.

We enjoy challenging projects such as these, and look forward to working with SKL International on more translation projects, including more languages and more topics going forward. 

Suzanne Krook, Project Development Manager at SKL International, says “I just want to say that I was very happy with Avison’s responsiveness and customer service. I’ve forwarded the company details around the office and I’m sure one of us will be in touch for translation work in future.”

We have had the pleasure of providing translations for many organisations with an international presence, from SOS Children’s Villages to East Capital, an asset management company specialising in the East. From world-leading gaming app Ruzzle, to household name DHL. We translate reports, prospectuses, brochures, apps, manuals, websites and much, much more, into over 40 of the world’s prominent business languages. Contact us today for a quick and competitive translation quote*

Avison also supplies leading international companies with interpreting services, language and cultural training courses, proofreading & copywriting work, and subtitling and voiceover work. 


*We use human translators. They are experienced, qualified, and good at what they do. We only use translation software to assist in our work, adding to efficiency. For this reason, we are not the cheapest agency out there. But our clients are prepared to pay for their message to be broadcast around the world correctly, with cultural sensitivity, and concisely. 

Mission Possible: Interpreting for Québec National Assembly (Assemblée Nationale du Québec)

Mission Possible: Interpreting for Québec National Assembly (Assemblée Nationale du Québec)

Avison’s interpreters head for the Riksdag on a crisp winter’s morning

The Québec National Assembly is the place where Québec’s elected representatives debate questions of public interest and exercise their roles as legislators and overseers, in Québec, Canada. 

In January, a delegation from the Assembly paid a visit to Stockholm to discuss security issues with a group of experts from the Swedish Riksdag (parliament). A group of Swedes and French Canadians discussing security, surveillance, elections and other safety issues definitely needed help to communicate with one another!

Avison provided 2 experienced simultaneous interpreters, between Swedish and French, in order to facilitate the presentations and discussions. With these experts interpreting in real time, the distinguished guests (which included the Speaker of the National Assembly and Chief Government Whip) were able to get through the packed agenda in the time allotted.

Simultaneous interpreting (in real time) is a very skilled task. And we use only experienced and qualified interpreters. In this situation, interpreters need to swap over every 30 or 40 minutes, due to the extreme levels of concentration required. So we had 2 Swedish<>French interpreters on site, and with interpreting equipment, throughout the day. 

Olivier Lemieux Périnet from the assembly says he was extremely satisfied: “I’ve really appreciated doing business with Avison. Good contact, good service…I would not hesitate to recommend you!”

Avison Communication is a translation and language agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. We provide clients from around the country and all over the world with professional translation, interpreting, language training, and proofreading/copywriting services. We work with over 40 languages. For more information on our interpreting services, click here.

Or if you want to get in touch about our other language services, or need a translation quote (free of charge), click here. 


Get your voiceover over-heard

Get your voiceover over-heard

A good corporate film, web advertisement, animated commercial or catchy clip needs to be seen and heard. 

Avison works with leading film production companies to produce films with subtitles or voiceover in different languages that get seen and heard around the world. The professional advertisement for Instabridge below has been seen by over 100,000 viewers at the time of writing. And the Flikkt animation has had over 90,000 views. Avison has done the voiceover for these films. And we also do subtitling, having worked with clients like Electrolux and Meter Television. These examples are in English, but we translate and localise into over 40 of the world’s most common business languages. 

Niklas Agevik, CEO of Instabridge, says “Avison has done a marvellous job on the voiceover for our promotional video, which now has more than 100,000 views. They worked professionally in every sense, from the emotions to the timing and the tone. And they took on the job at extremely short notice. What’s more, we love the elegant British accent in our film.” 

Do you have a film or short commercial that you would like to translate and localise for other markets, with professional voiceover and/or subtitling? We can help you translate your film, as well as your newsletter, website, apps, or other documents, into over 40 of the world’s most common business languages. Avison Communication is a leading translation, localisation, transcreation, proofreading and copywriting agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. We also provide interpreting, language and communication training and cross cultural consulting services. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you get your voiceover over-heard.  


Talent that translates

Talent that translates

Kruger Cowne is one of Europe’s leading talent management agencies and speaker bureaus, and is recognised around the world. As a premier talent management agency, Kruger Cowne knows the importance of making a good impression, whether it’s at a corporate dinner, charity event or in the public sphere. And the same needs to be true for the company’s communication and marketing materials. 

Kruger Cowne produces a newsletter in order to solidify its business in the Nordic countries and as a cost-effective and measurable complement to print media and PR. Caligraph is the Swedish marketing and communication agency that has been tasked with helping to put the newsletter together and get it out to market in the Nordics. Caligraph’s services include project management, copywriting for the web and traditional media, ghost-writing and email marketing. MailDirect is the e-communication tool used for the campaigns here in the Nordics. 

Avison Communication has teamed up with Caligraph to help guarantee the translation of the Kruger Cowne newsletter into Norwegian and Finnish is as professional as possible. Using translators with experience from marketing and communication, we ensure the message in the newsletter is localised and suitable for the end client’s readers in Norway and Finland.  

Julieta Spoerer, project manager at Caligraph, says “For me it is a matter of finding people and companies who can provide a high level of quality for my client and at the same time make my life easier. Avison does just that. They are competent, skilled, quick and extremely easy to work with on translation projects. All I have to do is send them the material and wait for the excellent result. A win/win for me and for my clients.” 


Do you have a newsletter or other type of marketing material that you would like to translate and localise for other markets? We can help you translate your newsletter, website, apps, documents or films into over 40 of the world’s most common languages. Avison Communication is a leading translation, localisation, transcreation, proofreading and copywriting agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. We also provide interpreting, language and communication training and cross cultural consulting services. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help you communicate across borders.  









Avtal24; legal translations at the click of a button

Avtal24; legal translations at the click of a button

Avtal24 is an innovative Swedish company offering a brand new way for both private individuals and companies to draw up comprehensive, high-quality legal documents. Create contracts, wills, powers of attorney and much more via a simple online system. 

When this exciting young company saw the opportunity to offer its services in the English language as well as Swedish, they needed a modern yet established translation agency. They came to Avison Communication and we put together an add-on translation service for Avtal24 to offer to its clients*

For this partnership, we use only our translators with a legal background and with experience of the translation business. We screen and test our translators thoroughly before bringing them in as part of the Avison translation team. We’ve been doing this for over 10 years, so we know translation!

Aleksandra Derikonja, lawyer and COO at Avtal24 says “we get a lot of requests from clients who want quality translations, but don’t need or want to pay for authorised translation. A typical example is when one partner in a marriage does not speak Swedish and just wants to understand the content of the prenuptial agreement. This is a great alternative for these kind of clients, and very affordable.”

We aim to constantly improve the service that Avtal24 provides through its translation add-on, and look forward to offering legal translations into more languages in a near future. 

Do you have an innovative product or service that you would like to localise for sale internationally? We can help you translate your app, website, documents or films into over 40 of the world’s most common languages. Avison Communication is a leading translation, localisation, transcreation, proofreading and copywriting services provider. Interpreting, language and communication training and cross cultural consulting services also form part of our services portfolio. Contact us today to discuss how we can shape an innovative partnership. 


*We will not provide a translation of a document created using Avtal24’s service if you come directly to us. Use solely Avtal24’s online service and the translation add-on. 




Energy efficient ventilation with maximum control. Silent. Draught-free. Flexible. Green, comfortable and economic. Lindinvent provides its customers with products for professional air flow control in a variety of environments. The company aims to spare the environment and minimise energy use for buildings.

Avison Communication helps Lindinvent with its international communication strategy, providing technical translation and localisation services for Swedish into English. So far, we have worked on large parts of the company’s website and product descriptions. Such technical translation work also requires a creative approach, using translators with experience of copywriting, but also with the technical background required for this field. 

Marketing coordinator Nicole Lindborg says “Avison assists us in our international expansion with professional and flexible translation services.”

More technical translation projects into other languages are in the pipeline, and we look forward to building a fruitful relationship with this exciting international company. 

If your company requires technical translation, or has an international marketing strategy or is planning one, then please contact us to discuss translation and localisation. Avison Communication is a leading translation, localisation, transcreation and copywriting services provider, working with over 40 of the world’s business languages. Interpreting, language and communication training and cross cultural consulting services also form part of our services portfolio. 


Language training for the Far East; Crown Worldwide

Language training for the Far East; Crown Worldwide

Crown Worldwide AB provides strategic assignment management services and complete relocations for multinational companies and government organisations. With offices in more than 265 locations, Crown naturally has a global perspective.

Avison is proud to be Crown’s local partner in Sweden for language and cultural training towards Crown’s end clients.

The latest project involves tailored courses in introductory Chinese (Mandarin) and Chinese business/social culture for Stora Enso. It is a challenge for these professional people uprooting and starting afresh in a new country. A far-away land that is very different from Sweden. And an economy and society that are experiencing change at an incredible rate. We have provided the same service for their clients moving to India. The language this time was Hindi. 

Avison provides these people with some of the basics to start a life in a bustling Chinese city; beginner Mandarin, meanings of characters, how to get by! And they gain insight into how the Chinese do business, and the behaviour expected of them in meetings and out among the locals and their culture. Our qualified, native Chinese trainers put the learners at ease, and give them the tools and confidence for this significant relocation.

We look forward to more similar projects together with Crown, involving other exciting global cultures and challenging languages.

Avison Communication provides language and cultural training to business professionals in the world’s main business languages. We also translate, localise, transcreate and re-write business documentation, from apps to contracts, between over 40 languages. Contact us if your company needs a local presence on a global marketplace.


Paying attention. Sticky translation

Paying attention. Sticky translation

Sticky is the only media technology company that provides a platform to ensure that your display ads get seen. Sticky’s platform is built on a state-of-the-art eye tracking technology that uses consumers’ own eye movements to verify what ads they have looked at. See more here. 

Avison Communication ensures that Sticky’s clients around the world, which include P&G, L’Oreal, AOL, and GroupM, can use the platform in a multitude of languages. We translate and localise market research questionnaires for the company in several languages, including English, Swedish, Chinese (simplified Mandarin), Danish, Dutch, Arabic, German, Spanish, Italian and Finnish. 

Josefina Rickardt, Global Marketing Manager, says “Avison always delivers high quality translations and with a quick turnaround – we are happy to have such a great partner growing our business.” 

Avison has been a translation provider for Sticky and its market research business unit, EyeTrackShop, for a few years now, and has seen the company gain huge success internationally, as a leader in its field. 

We look forward to more years of this successful translation partnership and maybe even more languages to work with. 

Avison is a language services provider specialising in translation, localisation, transcreation and copywriting & editing. We work with online and offline content, from apps to contracts, and in over 40 of the world’s business languages. Other services include language and cultural training, interpreting and film voiceover and subtitling work. Contact us here if your company also needs a local presence on a global market.

Chilled out translation; quality cooling & heating requires quality translation

Chilled out translation; quality cooling & heating requires quality translation

Chiller Oy is a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient and functional cooling and heating equipment.

Avison Communication is glad to be Chiller’s translation and localisation partner for the company’s Green Future magazine and for selected articles from the website.

So far, we have helped Chiller to promote its products, which can be seen in all sorts of places, including the Mood shopping centre here in Stockholm, in several languages. Projects have included translations from Swedish to English, Swedish to Finnish, Finnish to English and English to Norwegian. 

Heikki Lahdenperä, Managing director of Chiller Oy, says: “Avison Communication’s services fit our marketing strategy, especially for the production of our customer magazine, Green Future.

The magazine is published in four languages and distributed in the Nordic countries. Avison Communication helps us to gain international visibility”

We look forward to working with Chiller further on the company’s international communication strategy. If your company is in the market for some top-quality heating or cooling equipment, check out Green Future magazine here.

If you want to talk to us about your international marketing strategy, then do drop us a line. Avison Communication provides its clients with leading translation, localisation, transcreation and copywriting services in over 40 of the world’s most common business languages. We also help companies to expand internationally with language and communication training and cross cultural consulting services. 


Read on your iPad. Learn English

Read on your iPad. Learn English

Do you read books in English? Do you read eBooks on your iPad? Do you sometimes struggle with the English words and turn to a dictionary? If the answer to at least one of these questions is “yes,” then try Flikkt on your iPad. It’s a free reading app that allows you to learn the English language with the help of immediate (and human!) context-sensitive definitions and translations of difficult words. And you can save the words to learn them, using flashcards and fun word games and exercises. There is one free book available, and the others are fairly reasonably priced.


At the moment there are some English classics available to read in Flikkt and some easy-reader books from Cambridge University Press (perfect for language learners!), and the library of books is set to expand.

As well as the iPad version, there is also a Web-based version of Flikkt. This is perfect for schools and it has added classroom functionality for teachers to track their students’ reading and language learning. The beauty of the translations and definitions in Flikkt is that they are not machine-generated. They are done by humans. Language experts and translators. So when you read a book in Flikkt, you learn the correct words in context. A real advancement in language learning.

Try Flikkt on your iPad here, or on the Web here.

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