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“… the English translation ended up better/more professional than the Swedish original… and that must be the best praise a translator can receive.”

Avison Communication AB is a Stockholm-based translation, interpreting & language service provider that helps its international clients communicate on a global marketplace. We are a full-service agency, offering everything from regular translations to tailored communication solutions for an international presence. 

We have spent years building up a comprehensive database of freelance translators, language trainers, interpreters and other language experts. The ties we have with these individuals, based all over the world, are invaluable to our business success. These are the assets that allow us to deliver a quality service to our clients. All translators are tested and screened thoroughly before working for us. This way of working with a broad selection of freelance translators allows us to be flexible (quick deliveries, jobs over weekends etc.) and reasonably priced. The Avison brand is one of a quality translation agency with a high level of repeat business from its clients. 


CleverLearning. An e-learning agency


Clever solutions need clever translations.

CleverLearning helps you succeed with e-learning, both on the computer an on mobile devices. The company helps other companies, government authorities and nonprofit organisations, with everything from comprehensive orientation programs for new employees, to basic online courses that simplify everyday work. Due to its size, CleverLearning has the capacity to handle several large projects simultaneously. 

Avison helps CleverLearning’s international clients with translations of the company’s training programs to as many as 12 different languages, including English, Finnish, Arabic and Russian. We recently provided translations of important courses on the subjects of work environment, sustainability, social responsibility, and other topics. 

Henrik Ax, Production manager, says “Our translation projects with Avison always go smoothly. There’s a clear dialogue, deadlines are met, and Läs mer…

Case: Mandarin interpreting for Chinese government officials & companies

Case: Mandarin interpreting for Chinese government officials & companies

Client: Cloudberry Communications AB

Event: Mainland China-Hong Kong Joint Investment & Partnership Mission to Stockholm

Venue: IVA Konferenscenter, Stockholm, Sweden.

Service rendered: Simultaneous interpreting, Chinese (Mandarin) < > English/Swedish.


This fascinating event, organised by Cloudberry Communications for their client, Hong Kong Trade development Council, saw officials and other delegates in the automotive, clean tech and ICT sectors discussing future partnership opportunities with Swedish technology companies. The delegates also visited Ericsson’s head office in Kista before the lunch.

Avison was tasked with making the communications on the day go smoothly for up to 50 Chinese and Swedish guests. A team of five interpreters helped enable the delegates to talk to one another during a guided tour, a business lunch, and a seminar. The interpreters were required to cover English, Swedish and Chinese, and to interpret in both consecutive and simultaneous situations. So the interpreters needed to be fully fluent in all the languages, and they needed to be quick thinkers!

Our team did a great job, with Julie Borselius, Key Account Manager at Cloudberry, saying ”Avison’s interpreting service connected our Chinese and Swedish guests during the networking lunch and the consecutive interpretation during the visit to Ericsson made it a fruitful visit for the delegates.”


 Photo credit (header photo also): Björn Dallin

Avison provides professional interpreters in a number of languages for conference interpreting, simultaneous or consecutive, for meetings, at schools, or for medical consultations. We work with most of the common business languages required in Sweden and around Europe. Feel free to contact us with your interpreting request. 

Do you need help communicating on a global market place? Avison Communication is a Stockholm-based language and translation agency working with over 50 languages. If you require translation, interpreting, language training, subtitling or voiceover, please contact with a project manager here.



Case: Spanish interpreting on the isle of… Öland.

Case: Spanish interpreting on the isle of… Öland.

Client: Ölands Bank

Event: Turism360

Venue: Ekerum Resort, Öland, Sweden.

Service rendered: Simultaneous interpreting, Swedish < > Spanish. 


Öland was bidding to regain its title as Sweden’s holiday paradise. And Öland Bank was holding a conference bringing together speakers from far and wide to discuss the theme of experiences within tourism, and how they can contribute to profitability throughout the year. 

Ölands Bank is active in encouraging local businesses and entrepreneurship on Öland, and this spirit of belief in what the island has to offer is reflected in the bank’s hosting the Turism360 event. 

Avison was entrusted with providing Spanish interpreting (Swedish to Spanish and Spanish to Swedish) during the conference. We provided two talented simultaneous interpreters who were able to make sure non Swedish-speaking delegates at the conference could enjoy the presentations, with simultaneous translation into Spanish. 

Robert Alander, Marketing Assistant at the bank, says “ Öland is, and has been for a long time, dependent on its hospitality industry, which doesn’t run itself. Turism360 is just the beginning of a long and challenging collaboration with and between businesses in hospitality here. The event itself was a great success, and all participants – both visitors and speakers – were very satisfied with the quality and professionalism of the service provided by Avison”. 

Simultaneous interpreting at an event of this nature is a real challenge. Interpreters are required to focus their brains to such an extent that they can repeat exactly what a speaker is saying, with the same tone and style… in a different language… as the speaker is saying it! Concentration on extreme levels. Simultaneous interpreters typically sit in 2s per language, and switch after 20-30 minutes, depending on the subject matter and pace of the presentations. They sit in a booth and translate with a headset and microphone, so the delegates in need of interpreting receive the translation, also via headset, directly in their ear in realtime. 

It’s always fun to successfully meet a challenge. And this time on the wonderful Swedish isle of Öland. Thank you Ölands Bank for entrusting us with this interpreting job. We look forward to working with you again.

We are able to provide professional interpreters for conference interpreting, simultaneous or consecutive, for smaller meetings, at schools, or for medical consultations. We work with most of the common languages required in Sweden and around Europe. Feel free to contact us with your interpreting request. 

Avison Communication is a Stockholm-based language and translation agency working with over 50 languages. If you require, translation, interpreting, language training, subtitling or voiceover, don’t hesitate to get in contact with a project manager here.


Meet Stephanie! Project manager and all-round language lover

Meet Stephanie! Project manager and all-round language lover

Stephanie, project manager here at Avison, has been working with languages in some capacity for the last twenty-five years.  She started as a book editor in New York and then worked as a freelance editor, teacher and writer when she started moving around every few years (to Russia, Prague, France, Philippines, Turkey and of course, Sweden!). She’s been with Avison now since the beginning of 2015.  

 Fact sheet:

- Main areas of interest: Languages in all forms. “Liking to talk and meet people is one of the best motivators for learning a language. Plus it’s so much fun to be able to eavesdrop on the bus.” Stephanie’s studied four languages herself and has worked as a teacher and translator in several of them, so our clients can be comfortable that Stephanie at some point has probably been in their shoes with whatever tricky language situation they are trying to sort out.

- Favourite areas of work: Apart from writing fiction, which is more fun than any job should be allowed to be, Stephanie says editing is also rewarding as it’s like cleaning your house – the results are so immediate and noticeable. 

- Hobbies: Writing, reading, trying to whip into shape a reluctant garden that is constantly on the verge of going to seed. Talking about how great her dog is (“really, she’s the best”).

- Book last read: Stephanie is semi-obsessed with old mysteries from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, at a pinch. The last book she read was A Franchise Affair by Josephine Tey.  

- What she likes most about Stockholm: How silent it is in the winter in the forest. “You can hear the ice knitting.” 

- What she likes least about Stockholm: Stephanie grew up in Washington DC, a place that has very orderly seasons that are allotted three months each. She is horrified by the sight of snow in May or heaven forbid, June.

We are always looking for experienced, creative and thorough translators, as well as proofreaders, interpreters and language trainers. Get in contact with us here if you are interested in working with us.

Avison translates Metro column on European refugee crisis

Avison translates Metro column on European refugee crisis

We were excited to be able to help Metro, one of the most widely-read dailies in Europe, and Sweden’s largest, with the translation of a column piece from Arabic to Swedish. 


Metro came to us with a a debate article on the current refugee crisis across Europe. We had half a day to turn around an accurate and flowing translation of the article, from Arabic into Swedish. As we have plenty of translators in our database with this combination, we were able to meet the tight deadline, and deliver the quality required by the paper. 

Metro’s article focuses on aspects of the refugee crisis that the media has typically been ignoring. You can read the article here, in both Swedish, and in it’s original Arabic, written by Salim Salamah, a Syrian/Palestinian blogger and activist. 

We look forward to working with Metro more in future, maybe on translations from other languages as well. 

If you require translation, to or from over 50 of the world’s most common languages, don’t hesitate to get in contact with a translation project manager. 

Avison also works with interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive), language training, cross-culture training and consulting, and film subtitling and dubbing.

Meet Markus! Translator’s tales no. 1

Meet Markus! Translator’s tales no. 1

Our translators are our everything! So we decided to present some of them. If nothing else, this goes to show you we don’t work with machine translation! Meet Markus, our nomadic narrator of a translator, who, at the time of writing, has been translating for 12 years.

Markus is a native speaker of English and Swedish, a fluent speaker of German, proficient in Norwegian and Danish, and conversant in Greek. We work with him mainly on Swedish to English translation projects.

Fact sheet:

- Main areas of translation work: Contracts, software localisation (mainly financial, but also governmental), marketing copy translation, HR communications, multilingual multinationals and many more!

- Markus’ translation quirks: Markus works standing up the majority of the time and strongly endorses this as a way to promote health and reduce occupational pain and fatigue. Interestingly, he also dictates his translations and can frequently be heard saying unkind things to his computer when the dictation program mishears him! Yet he still manages to deliver work that requires very little proofreading or editing…

- Capacity per day or week: Unlimited. Just kidding, though Marcus’ translation capacity is on the high end of what a translator can typically manage; 5,000 words is not unusual on a good day.

- Hobbies: Markus likes to do sprint workouts, where sprinting is understood liberally to mean not only running but any high-intensity exercise performed in intervals. He also likes to ski and bike. Markus reads widely.

- A fun fact about Markus: Being a freelance translator has facilitated a quasi-nomadic existence for him over the years. He can recall sweating over translations in such odd places as Lusaka, Zambia and Sana’a, Yemen. As a translator he’s lived in places he liked and places he grew to dislike.

Translation is essentially an art form. And Markus does not fall short here either, as he is an experienced novelist and short story writer as well. So that’s Markus, a valuable member of the Avison translation team, known for his reliability, accuracy, flow and creativity. Look out for more meetings with the team…

Do you want to work as a translator for us, then please click here and fill in the form. Note that we do require at least 2 years of experience, and more often than not, a translation qualification as well.

Cross-border care; careful translation

Cross-border care; careful translation

Specialist medical translation for exciting medical tourism company located in Riga. 

 “… a friendly and professional service, and the result of the project was perfect. We are extremely satisfied with the translation!”

Swedish Medcare AS is a Swedish-owned company with Swedish management, based in Riga, Latvia. They provide qualified medical services and other services related to health and medical care. Their ambition is to provide customers with the best possible health results and the confidence that a good organisation and high-quality services inspire.

It’s fascinating what you, as an EU citizen, are entitled to when it comes to cross-border care or treatment abroad. And you can even get your expenses reimbursed…. It’s known as medical tourism. And now you can read about it in English on Swedish Medcare’s website. We were tasked with translating and localising the website, and we were pleased to get our (healthy) teeth into the project! Medical translation requires special care, and we had the right translation team for the job. 

The website is packed with specialist info on professional medical services. Translating such a site requires not only background knowledge, but also lengthy research and an eye for detail. The client was very happy with the result, and had the following to say about working with us on the translation project: 

“Avison provided a friendly and professional service, and the result of the project was perfect. We are extremely satisfied with the translation!”

We look forward to a continued collaboration with Swedish Medcare, and wish them luck in their endeavours across the Baltic Sea. 


Does your business also provide exciting or essential services or products that other markets should know about? Then please tell us. We can help you localise/translate your website, marketing materials, mobile app, brochures or contracts. And any other kind of document. Contact a project manager with your translation needs. 

We also provide language & culture training courses and interpreting services. And you are welcome to get in touch to find out more. We work with more than 50 of the world’s business languages.

Subtitle translation; Nordic foster children

Subtitle translation; Nordic foster children


A rewarding subtitle project for a valuable organisation. A short film about Nordic foster children, translated into Danish, Finnish, Icelandic and Norwegian. 

The Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues is an institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers. Its mission is to enhance social policy work in the Nordic countries through education, public information, research and development, networking and international cooperation.

The centre recently made an informative film about 15 youngsters from the Nordic countries who all have experience of growing up in foster homes, as part of the project Children in Foster Homes. It’s a moving clip where the youngsters tell us what they need in order for their time in foster families to give them a good start in life. 

We were really happy to get the task of subtitling the short film in four languages – Danish, Finnish, Icelandic and Norwegian. The language spoken in the film was a mixture of Swedish, Norwegian and Danish mainly, and it was a challenge to transform the children’s relaxed speaking style into short, snappy subtitles in all the languages. But thanks to a good dialogue with the client, and our team of experienced translators, we were able to do a good job. Fredrik Hjulström, project manager for Familjepolitik at the centre said “I’m very satisfied with the job you’ve done. You were thorough, responsive, knowledgable and quick. I was pleased that you really tried to gauge the meaning in what the youngsters said, and to make it comprehensible in the subtitles. I’ve learned that a good dialogue is essential in getting  quality translation.” And that’s all we need to hear!

The Nordic countries enjoy excellent standing in most international comparisons of living standards and wellbeing. The Nordic welfare model is based on a shared ideal: equality, social solidarity and social security for all.

Sami, from Finland, summed up the essence of the project and the film in his closing statement:

Believe in children so that they learn to believe in themselves.

We are glad to support the Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues, and look forward to more interesting, rewarding and challenging translation projects into 2015.


Avison Communication, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is a language and translation agency. We localise websites, translate apps, train business executives in a new language, interpret for international meetings, and subtitle fun and informative films. We love language and the written and spoken word. If you have a language or translation project and would like to work with us, we would love to hear from you.

Case: Challenging subtitle translation for training videos.

Case: Challenging subtitle translation for training videos.

“… the English translation ended up better/more professional than the Swedish original… and that must be the best praise a translator can receive.”


Blue Marble Stories AB make entertaining, informational and encouraging films. Both fiction and commercial. They tell stories about people and the world we live in. When they needed professional and accurate translations, from Swedish to English, for an extensive project for S.m.a.r.t. Stylingträning, Avison was given the mandate to put together a team of translators that was able to meet these requirements. 

Translating and creating subtitles requires a special skills set. And this, combined with the specialised industry terminology for S.m.a.r.t., really provided a challenge. 

The end client was more than satisfied with the films that Blue Marble made. And they had the following to say about the quality of the subtitle translation:

“My compliments to the translators. I’ve gone through the translations, and it seems to me that the translators have done a very conscientious and good job! I obviously can’t say if the choice of terminology was always correct, but the random checks I did tell me that the translators didn’t take shortcuts, but did a very thorough job. I actually think the English translation ended up better/more professional than the Swedish original… and that must be the best praise a translator can receive (more correct and fewer errors and spelling mistakes)”.

If you don’t want to take shortcuts with your international expansion strategy, then let us know. We can help you translate/localise your website, marketing materials, mobile app, brochures or contracts. And any type of document in between. Contact us to discuss your translation needs.

If you want to know more about our language & culture training courses or interpreting service, you are also welcome to get in touch. We work with over 40 of the world’s most common business languages. 


Another satisfied customer!

Another satisfied customer!

Omanovic Production is a Swedish film production company based in Stockholm. And they’re a creative gang, with twin brothers Adi and Mak hailing originally from Bosnia & Herzegovina at the controls! They produce fiction, commercials and some documentary material, but mainly stuff with scripts and made-up stories (those are their own words). And their client list is not to be sniffed at either!

Avison has helped the Omanovic brothers with translations, subtitles, and voiceover for several projects. We write or edit film scripts and then translate/localise them in other languages. We also translate subtitles and record and translate scripts for voiceover for their films.

Brother Adi says “ We’ve worked with Avison on several film projects, for clients such as Tele2. Deadlines have always been tight, but they have always delivered in time. Yet another translation project was recently closed with a very satisfied customer and a brilliant job done, as always!”. 

- Adi Omanovic, Producer/Director

Avison Communication is a communications agency with a focus on language and translation work. We are passionate about film making and have been involved in subtitle translation, script work, voiceover and dubbing for several clients. We also do other types of translation and localisation work, helping clients with apps, websites, technical manuals, brochures, software systems and more. And we supply international companies, large and small, with language and cultural training courses, interpreting services, and proofreading & copywriting work. We work in over 40 of the world’s business languages. Contact us today for a quick and competitive translation quote**


** We use human translators. They are experienced, qualified, and good at what they do. We only use translation software to assist in our work, adding to efficiency. For this reason, we are not the cheapest agency out there. But our clients are prepared to pay for their message to be broadcast around the world correctly, with cultural sensitivity, and concisely.


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